Nour Afshar Super- Specialist hospital was dedicated by Hasan Nour afshar for the first time with the aim of taking care of children suffering from polio in 1960 and started to activity formally as a member of Iranian Red Crescent Society in 2013., It has recently been considered as a high-qualified rehabilitation hospital in the Middle East.


The purpose of the hospital establishment has been spinal injured people and athletes’ activity promotion. Moreover, offering free services for the children with mental and physical disability has been some part of hospital goals.


Since late, the aim of hospital has been improving patients, athletes and Olympic champion’s activities.  Along with the aim of hospital benefactor all the services in this hospital has been free for the pediatrics with the mental and skeletal disabilities.


 This hospital has considered by the benefactors since hospital establishment. Moreover, Nour afshar hospital is one of few hospitals specializing in Orthopedics, rheumatology, neurology and pediatric rehabilitation with the advanced equipment for diagnose and cure of the pediatrics with Muscular skeleton disabilities, Arthritis and Evaluation of bone density, pediatrics orthopedic surgery, pediatric neurologic surgery, pediatric psychiatrist and pediatric rehabilitation for pediatrics with Muscular skeleton disabilities in the Middle East.