The imaging and CT scan department of Noorafshar Hospital, using the best and most up-to-date imaging and ultrasound equipment, has provided suitable conditions for the respected clients and patients.
By providing comprehensive and accurate services around the clock in the field of medical imaging in the departments of radiology, CT scan and ultrasound, this center is trying to satisfy the needs of the clients by responding appropriately.
One of the unique features of Noorafshar imaging center is having new and modern imaging devices with advanced facilities. Also, this center is one of the centers that fully implements all health protocols in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

For information about the services and equipment of this collection, refer to the imaging and CT scan section
With two departments of ICU1, ICU2 and 16 special care beds and the cooperation of doctors of specialized and superspecialized fields, Nourafshar Hospital has provided ideal conditions for the care and improvement of the conditions of patients in need of services and special care. By using these special and unique facilities, patients in need of special care are assigned and cared for as soon as possible.
One of the most important departments of Nourafshar hospitals is the surgery department, where patients who need surgery are admitted in this department and after the surgery is performed by the best renowned and experienced surgeons in the country with advanced facilities and equipment and benefit from professional nursing care and nurses. benefit from the period seen and spend the post-operative period.

Also, by having 5 separate surgery halls, two special care departments and inpatient departments, this hospital has provided suitable conditions for the presence of patients in this hospital. Endoscopic is performed. Small surgical incisions and faster recovery are the advantages of this surgical method.